Memorial Celebration


On Oct. 25, 2014, on a perfect, sunny Appalachian autumn day, friends and family gathered in Foscoe, N.C., to honor and celebrate the life and legacy of the late, great Lenny Kohm, aka “The Chief.”

We came from all across the country ā€” family from California and a representative of the G’wichin Nation in the Yukon came the furthest, while others traveled from West Virginia, Florida, Tennessee and just around the corner from his home in Todd.

We spent the afternoon listening to loving tributes filled with lots of laughter (and not a few tears). The Jewish Kaddish was read, and a Luci Beach from the G’wichin Nation played a quitter’s requiem. And after a good old-fashioned potluck, we sat around a bonfire deep into the crisp October night, sharing stories and raising a toast (or three) to The Chief we all loved and admired.

“May the source of peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort to all who are bereaved.”

For those who could only join in spirit, we captured the ceremony celebration “in totum” on video for you to watch. Warning, it’s full of some great, and sometimes irreverent, laughter, just as Lenny would have wanted it.

Order of program:

  • The 5 Lennys ….. Mary Anne Hitt
  • Tribute ….. JW Randolph
  • Tribal Tribute / Quitter’s Requiem ….. Luci Beach, G’wichin Nation
  • Lenny in his own words ….. PBS Video
  • Jewish mourner’s poem, “We Remember Them ….. Maeve Gould and Molly Moore


Photo Gallery:


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